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Foley Catheter: In Hospital Care

A foley catheter is a thin tube placed into your bladder to drain urine. The urine drains into a collection bag. The tube is inserted by a staff member that has been trained to do the procedure using a sterile technique.

Your doctor has ordered a foley catheter to be placed in your bladder. The reason for the catheter may be for any of the following reasons:

1. You were not able to empty your bladder on your own.

2. You may have a wound that must be kept dry.

3. You may have a condition that demand an exact amount of urine must be recorded.

4. Some surgeries require placement of a catheter.


There is a risk of bladder infection anytime you have a foley catheter, here are some of the steps we will take to help prevent urinary tract infection (UTI).

1. You along with staff, should ask the physician each day if the catheter is still needed.

2. We will secure the tubing to your leg with a special device.

3. The staff will use gloves when touching your catheter.

4. Do not pull, tug or twist your catheter tubing.

5. The collection bag will always be kept below your bladder in order to drain properly.

6. The collection bag will always be kept off the floor.

7. Avoid disconnecting the catheter from the drain tube.

8. Each day the area around the catheter will be cleansed.