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Exercise (Treadmill)  Stress Test Instructions

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An exercise stress test shows your heart’s response to exercise. The test records your heartbeat while you walk on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike. It can be done in a hospital, a test center, or a doctor’s office. The test is also called a stress electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG).

Man using treadmill, with electrodes on body


UnaVie Cardiology Center, 2451 Intelliplex Drive, Shelbyville, IN. From Highway 9 turn onto Intelliplex Drive (across the highway from Ashford Place Health Campus). Follow Intelliplex Drive to the last building on the left, the Intelliplex Medical Arts Building. Enter the building through the revolving glass door. Testing is done on the 1st floor, Suite 120.

 For questions regarding the test, or to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call UnaVie Cardiology Center: 317-421-1900.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your test to check in.

Before Your Test

  • Bring a list of all over-the-counter or prescription medications, herbs, or supplements you are taking. 

  • You may take your morning medications, unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.

  • Diabetic patients may eat breakfast and take insulin or diabetic medications as usual. All other patients may eat light breakfast.

  • Do not have any caffeine for 24 hours prior to the test. This includes coffee, tea, chocolates, soft drinks, energy drinks, or medications containing caffeine, etc.

  • Don’t smoke after midnight the morning of the test.

Getting Ready

  • Wear flat, comfortable walking shoes, tennis shoes preferred.

  • Wear a comfortable two piece outfit.  You will be asked to remove your clothing and jewelry from the waist up. Women will be given a gown to wear.

During Your Test

  • Electrodes (small pads) are placed on your upper body and a blood pressure cuff on your arm. These are used to monitor your heartbeat and blood pressure during and after the test.

  • You are shown how to use the treadmill. A technician will be standing beside the treadmill at all times for your safety.

  • You are then asked to walk on the treadmill for several minutes. Expect the exercise to be easy at first and gradually get harder.

  • Exercise as long as you can, or until you are asked to stop.

  • You will continue to be monitored for a few minutes after the test (recovery phase) to ensure that your heart rate and blood pressure return to safe levels before you leave.

Report Any Symptoms

During the test, be sure to tell the health care provider if you feel any of the following:

  • Chest, arm, or jaw discomfort

  • Severe shortness of breath

  • Fatigue

  • Dizziness

  • Leg cramps or soreness

After the Test

  • You can resume your normal activity as directed by your doctor.

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